West Moss-side Organic Farm and Centre nr Stirling Scotland

Darren Rees

I have admired Darren's wonderful paintings over the years. He is a regular visitor to West Moss-side and has done some beautiful drawings and paintings here - one of a merlin in the Flanders Moss landscape and one of a hare with curlew chicks in the carse hayfields I have hanging in my dining room. There are 2 local landscape paintings hanging in the Centre gallery - Red Kites amd curlew feature! and these are for sale! So it is great to have him at West Moss-side. (Kate Sankey)

Darren Rees is one of our leading wildlife artists and his work has attracted many awards including BirdWatch Artist of the Year, Natural World Fine Art Award and the RSPB Fine Art Award.

His first solo book Bird Impressions was greeted by much critical acclaim and was a runner up in the Natural History Book of the Year Award. He is a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists in London and is a regular contributor to Birds Illustrated magazine. He has been a contributing artist to the Artists for Nature Foundation/WWF projects in Holland, Poland, Peru and Ecuador, and travels extensively leading wildlife tours to Europe and the Americas.
In Summer 2006 he was sailing in Svalbard, the Norwegian territory on the top of the earth - way beyond the Arctic circle. Before he left for Svalbard his seven-year-old daughter Sophie, asked whether there would still be Polar Bears when she grows up! Darren's response was 'for all our sakes there better be'.  He observed, drew, painted and took photographs of the worrying changes which are taking place in this unforgiving place of ice landscapes.  The encounters with polar bears, walruses, glaciers and ice have had a profound impact on Darren. He is a dedicated environmentalist with a deep concern for the future of the world's wildlife.
Darren lives on the Carse of Stirling, close to Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve. He has painted this landscape in all seasons.  He has a wonderful eye for wildlife in the landscape and is a skilled ornthologist too. Some of his inspiration has come from his regular volunteering on the annual winter-roosting Hen Harrier survey carried out on Flanders Moss.

Examples of Darren's work can be found in the Gallery. You can contact him on +44 (0)1786 870538, or e-mail Darren.