West Moss-side Organic Farm and Centre nr Stirling Scotland

Catherine Davies

I've known Catherine since she began basket making - that was more than 10 years ago! She used to live just up the road in Thornhill village before heading out to the Isle of Eigg with her partner Pascal Carr.  Basket making came naturally to her and her dedication to understanding the weaves and the structures of the traditional baskets of Scotland and Ireland can be seen in her own beautiful creations. Catherine and Pascal are now working together with Pascal making larger structures including coffins. It is great to have them both teaching here at West Moss-side. (Kate Sankey)

Catherine Davies is one of Scotland's finest basket makers. Her work is very distinctive using willow and traditional styles. She started basket making ten years ago and now has a croft on the Isle of Eigg. She uses a host of different willow varieties, grown organically at her home on the Isle, to bring beautiful colour to her baskets. Her work was featured at the Country Living Fair 2005/06 and she trained with Lise Bech in Ayrshire and Joe Hogan in Galway.

Her inspiration has always been the low impact, sustainable nature of basketry; the transformation of a native plant using only the simplest hand tools to produce beautiful and practical objects.

Catherine has taught many beginners courses for several different Local Authorities and forestry/community organisations, as well as running her own courses from her workshop. This experience has given her a very good insight into the needs and capabilities of beginners, so enabling her to offer a very comprehensive basketry course which guarantees satisfaction.

Examples of Catherine's work can be found on the Traditional Willow Baskets workshop page and on her website. You can contact her on  +44 (0)1764 663420, or e-mail Catherine at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it