West Moss-side Organic Farm and Centre nr Stirling Scotland

Paper Kiln workshop

A special workshop

for a special occasion

Teena Gould, ceramicist led the

very first Paper Kiln workshop

at the weekend.




From field to pot ! A small sample of West Moss-side clay was dug  back in the spring
and the weekend saw the first pieces to be made to see how it would fire. A collection
of beads turned out really well and it was obviously very different to the clay that Teena
brought for the group to work with.


The weekend began on Friday night  making commemorative plaques for the
friends and family of the bride-to-be who had gathered to be together for the weekend. 
The technique is scraffitti.  By scrapping off the layers of different colour clays you get
a lovely effect. These will be professionally fired and glazed back at Teena's  studio.


On Saturday morning it was time to be really creative with the clay! 



Saturday afternoon session was spent plaiting newspapers to make the kiln.
Then Sunday morning was the great burn and the excitement to see what pieces
were fired and what didn't survive.  To add colour (and excitement as they 'exploded')
little packets of copper oxide and ferrous oxide were tossed into the kiln. 


Stuffing the holes with more newspaper.


Sawdust and layers of clay pieces


The great lighting of the fire!


Sitting watching the flames and the patterns of the plaits as they turned to ashes.


As the kiln collapsed the pieces began to appear.


The End. Pieces to take home to remember the fun and laughter of the weekend.