West Moss-side Organic Farm and Centre nr Stirling Scotland

Moths on the Moss

2014 Annual Moths on the Moss event with Prof David Bryant. 

Not to be missed.   Friday evening 13th June and Sat morning 14th June

Come for one or both sessions - Limited places so book now.



This is the second year that David and Vicky Bryant have been doing moth counts at West Moss-side and Flanders Moss NNR. Earlier this year in May we found two Emperor moths one on the moss and one in the farmhouse garden! They were very impressive!

 Last year we were very excited as we found the Brussels Lace - a very uncommon moth which made the record books.   So who knows what will show up this year.  

 Both sessions are suitable for families though the evening might extend beyond 9.30 if you want to join in the setting up of the traps and the walk over to the Moss is over rough ground (posssibly wet!) and is about 0.75 km. 

Please phone or email Kate for more information