West Moss-side Organic Farm and Centre nr Stirling Scotland

Winter Wonderland

 Snow, snow, snow, snow ..

You just have to love it!


So finally the snow has come here.... quite alot! But Saturday was a fab day and having checked the Shetland Cattle were fed and OK,  with Graham over from Edinburgh, Tam down from Shetland and Cath from the village we headed across the fields to Flander Moss.  Still, freezing and sunny the snow was sparkling, lying in parallel peaks over the old grass from the short easterly blast received the night before.  Not a lot of snow but Ben Lomond to the west looked vulnerable waiting for the next storm.


Over the fields and up onto the high moss and all was quiet bar the ice in the old peat ditches quivering as we walked over the bog. With the sun quickly turning the coming snow clouds pink we climbed the viewing tower to view the gallery of snow pictures on the glass panels.