West Moss-side Organic Farm and Centre nr Stirling Scotland

Our Sustainability Principles

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Just like the West Moss-side Centre development we have applied the sustainability test to the Trossachs Yurts development. 

We aim to offer a genuine eco friendly experience as well as quality and luxury with simplicity. We aim to be as carbon neutral as possible and hope that our guests will be the same. We would like to offer a truly ‘slow’ holiday experience.  Each step of the way has required questions, debates, pay-offs and final decisions based on the very best that can be provided today. We use the 3Rs for reference.  Re-use – Repair - Recycle and sometimes it is simply Refuse!

We employ local people and our aim is to be as socially responsible and inclusive as possible. We try and outsource any work that is needed to local contractors and so keep the economy local as possible. West Moss-side is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

West Moss-side Organic Farm’s Trossachs Yurts are a fusion of quality, careful and sustainable design.  The attention to detail results in a pleasing experience which does not tread heavily on the planet.

We have sourced the willow for the rafters from Kyrgykstan which have been steam bent and finished in the traditional way by Nurlan in a village called Kyssl Tuu.  Why get the rafters from the other side of the world you might ask.   Well  - the material is just the very best and Nurlan’s skill in producing high quality consistent steam-bent rafters is second to none and will ensure a yurt which will withstand the Scottish winds and weather.   We think that it is important to value the traditional craftsmen and to celebrate their work. Yurts have been crafted this way for 1000 years.

“For nomads, very simply, there exists the everyday necessity of living in harmony with nature, otherwise they can’t survive – and this situation never changes.” Where Horses Fly Like The Wind - Silk Road Film Series.http://www.cosmolearning.com/documentaries/the-silk-road-560/11/  

Within all cultures the circle remains the symbol of unity, representing the wholeness of all things and our interconnectedness with nature.

The essence of a slow holiday:  Staying in aYurt reminds us of what is important, giving us the opportunity to experience few possessions, our relationship with nature and the gift of simplicity. All of which are often lost in modern day life.