West Moss-side Organic Farm and Centre nr Stirling Scotland

Trossachs Yurt has first guests

Here is the story of the yurts so far...

The first guests arrive to enjoy ...


So here is the story of the yurts so far…..

Now that the first of the three Trossachs yurts has been built I can tell the story… one yurt is already sitting so comfortably in the farming landscape of West Moss-side with wide views across to Ben Lomond, Ben Ledi and Ben Vorlich in the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.


The Trossachs Yurts at West Moss-side are the result of a fusion between the skills of local yurt builder Paul Millard and Red Kite Yurts and Krgykstan yurtbuilder, Nurlan from the southern village of Kyzyl Tuu.  Paul was out in Kyzyl Tuu in January and visited the village where in the spring the whole village is involved in making yurts.  He was so impressed with the craftsmanship, particularly of the straight and beautifully bent willow rafters that he decided to commission their making. Good idea except we were not to know of the revolution which was brewing in Krgykstan nor the grumbling and eruption of the Icelandic volcano!

                   Nulan at work                 Willow rafters to be                    Shaping the rafters                       


  Rafters at Kyzyl Tuu                     Rafters on the way??


The rafters finally arrived some 4 weeks late and all seemed back on track but the makers of the walls and the roof coverings are a small company who travel Europe with their industrial sewing machine in the back of a huge campervan.  They had left Scotland for Italy before the final measurements could be made for the roof! So… the material had to be shipped out of Dundee to be picked up on their travels .. more delays….However finally the canvas was sewn and ready to be shipped back to Scotland ….Time was now definitely not on my side and it was going to be tight to get everything built and done for the first guests 27/28th July.

Trustingly Helen, Catherine and Sheley from London had booked knowing that there were no yurts actually here! The stress levels at West Moss-side mounted and I was relieved to hear that the roof canopies were on their way having been sent from Austria.  The shipment was to be in 3 days so when 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 days past with no sign of them it was total panic stations.  Meanwhile I had been hassling the builder, the joiner, the electrician and the plumber to get the kitchen and  the shower rooms finished with limited success – so stressed I was,  that on Saturday 24th July in the afternoon I went with friends kayaking on Loch Ard to take my mind off the impeding disaster.  Paul had been trying to track the big parcel down with no success – the canopies seemed to have disappeared without trace. On return imagine my surprise to find a yurt plus canopies stacked on the platform – but no sign of Paul or Nathan his son ! 

Yurt - but just not up!

An hour later a cheerful phone call reporting that they would be coming to put it up in the evening – about 8.00pm they said.  So 8.00pm, 9.00pm, and 10.00pm past and at 10.45 the Red Kite Yurt van bounced  down the lane and we set to, to build the yurt. Spitting with drizzle and a few midges were not going to deter us and by 00.45 the yurt was up!

         First the walls…                                 then the crown..                              .....ready for the roof


  Roof canopy ...                             then the walls                                                           

Waking upon Sunday morning I wondered whether it had all been a dream but sure enough the paddock was graced with the beautiful structure – in the morning sun the shape of the yurt just mirrored the profile of Ben Lomond and a bit of calm descended on West Moss-side – for a moment that was. Sunday was spent back and forth kitting the yurt out and doing the finishing touches – like a door!  Much help from Graham who mastered the putting together of the double bed. There are still things to do – like build the decking around the yurt and fit the chimney for the wood burning stove but there was a yurt here for the three girls and that was all that mattered. Phew.  The hot water in the shower rooms was piping hot thanks to the solar panel so I tested that – great! - and on Sunday night I stayed in the yurt and just absorbed its airy beauty – its hard to take your eyes of the roof and the crown structure. 

Those rafters are certainly very beautiful – with their natural oiled beauty.


Tuesday evening came and the first guests arrived – they were thrilled and we celebrated with a bottle of Cairn o‘Mhor strawberry fizz.


`"..the peace and quiet, the stunning scenery and the candlelit tranquility of the yurt were the perfect antidote to life in the city. Staying here has been an extremely enjoyable experience thanks to Kate's hospitalility and attention to detail. The yurt is so cosy, beautifully furnished and the experience was further enhanced by opportunities for exploring the farm, the centre and the fasciniating nature reserve of Flanders Moss.  We hope that the new additions - barn owls and calves continue to thrive."