West Moss-side Organic Farm and Centre nr Stirling Scotland

Summer time

An exciting time on the farm, in the garden and on Flanders Moss

First calves to arrive: Yes you spotted it - Rhona the black and white cow has a red and white calf and Tara the red and white cow has a black and white calf!  

Rhona and Kerrera

Tara and Kale

My first calf arrived early evening on the 15th June.  A cracker of a red and white bull calf  - his mum is Rhona one of my favourite cows. These rare Shetland cattle are well adapted for extensive grazing, and they calve naturally in the field.  Quite typically I missed the actual birth! 

Just a few metres away there is at least one growing peewit chick guarded by parents desperately trying to keep the crows away.  This is really really fantastic news as it is the first year that peewits have breed here having improved the habitat over the past eight years - early summer wetland adjacent to the fields and organic managemnet to improve the insect populations. I am hopeful that this one will make it.  There are lots of skylarks singing away and oystercatchers, curlew and snipe are all getting on with their business of bringing food for hungry chicks.