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Course Details - Natural Dyeing

Natural Dyeing is the first of a series of workshops with a focus on textiles. Here you will learn about the natural dyes and particularly those that are available here in Scotland. Coreopsis (golden yellow), Woad or Indigo (not grown here but very quick for over dyeing and exciting to watch the colour change) and Madder (red)- traditionally an export from Glasgow to the USA in the 19th Century! You will have the chance to create your very own piece and to turn it into a cushion cover or bag.

Title Natural Dyeing with Tom Banks

Natural dye is predominantly extracted from plants, to produce the most subtle and beautiful range of colours.  This workshop will demonstrate the idiosyncrasies of dyeing with a range of natural dyestuffs; how to prepare the dye, mordant cloth and make a dye bath. On the second day, there will be the opportunity to make a patchwork cushion or a bag from your dyed cloth.  

About the tutor


Wooden Tom (Tom Banks ) lives and works in the Cairngorms where he runs green wood workshops and crafts beautiful pieces. Here's Wooden Tom explaining his love for wood...  

I work with wood, both as craftsman and as a teacher.  I have a passion for wood,  for its texture and also because it makes me feel close to nature.   For my own part I am happiest when emphasizing its natural beauty, and itís important to me that the materials I choose are sustainably sourced, and thus my work plays its part in keeping our outdoors at its best. 

   When I hold classes I have the chance to share my passion and my traditional skills of wood carving with my students.   My teaching sessions are taught using only hand tools because I find without the noise and speed of power tools we ourselves begin to relax and work with the grain of the wood rather than against it.

  I have carved wood for many years and for me it is a welcome escape from the stresses the we all know in modern life.   Perhaps especially I love watching the process from start to finish of a piece of wood becoming ... whatever I wish it to be!  It keeps me happy and I would like to share this gift with you. 


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Prerequisite knowledge/skills
No prior knowledge required.
Course format

On day 1 you will learn how to mordant your textiles, extract dye from various dyestuffs and prepare a dyebath.

On day 2 you will have the opportunity to extend your palette of colours with overdyeing and make either a pachwork cushion or bag from your dyed textiles
After completing this course...
Know how to mordant cloth, extract colour prepare a dyebath and overdye using a selection of natural dyes. You will also be shown how to make either a bag or cushion from your dyed textiles.

£140.00 Please note that there will be a small charge for the cost of the materials.
Duration This is a two-day course, starting at 10:00 and finishing at 16:30
Dates There are no current scheduled dates for this course, please click here to send us a message indicating your interest in receiving details when they become available
Meals All refreshments provided with farmhouse lunch on both days
Accomodation Trossachs Yurts available for renting over the weekend. Check out the website for more information. www.trossachsyurts.com
Disabled facilities

More information
How do I book a place? There are no current scheduled dates for this course, please click here to send us a message indicating your interest in receiving details when they become available
What should I bring with me?

Please come along prepared for the event!  Bring an apron,  rubber gloves and wear suitable old clothes. Don't forget a notebook and pen  and a camera.

Are there any other related courses I can attend?

Sara will be running more workshops at  West Moss-side over the year - next up will be Sashimo - a Japanese textile stiching technique on 24th/25th September.