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Course Details - Mokuhanga Block Printing

This is a new and exciting workshop for West Moss-side. Elspeth Lamb works with woodcuts of the Japanese Ukiyo-e tradition. These are absolutely stunning but quite different from European woodcuts. This is because of the ink (watercolour paint) which is used. This will be a true Japanese experience using the traditional knives and of course special fine Japanese kozo papers.

Title Mokuhanga Block Printing with Elspeth Lamb

Using traditional cutting knives, Japanese inking brushes and
barens (printing pads), and printing on to Japanese kozo paper,
participants will produce unique prints in the Japanese
woodblock tradition.

About the tutor

It is really special to have Elspeth coming to West Moss-side. It is a perfect complement to Charmian Pollok's Paper Making Workshop. Indeed Elspeth and Charmian have worked alot together.  Using natural materials and water based paint the Japanese block printing so well speaks to the natural landscape and environment.    Elspeth Lamb has written and edited a definitive book on Paper Making for Print Makers which includes a chapter written by Charmian Pollok. .


You can find a more comprehensive bio here.
Prerequisite knowledge/skills
No previous skills are required to come on this workshop.
Course format

Over the two days Elspeth will introduce you to the tradional blockprinting technique and guide you through the process to produce unique pieces :

Introduction to the fascinating history of Japanese Ukiyo-e
prints and papermaking
Learning about different ways of carving the block using the
traditional cutting tools, preparing and shaping each colour
Making preparatory drawings and sketches to transfer to the
Explanation of colour separation printing: eg. reductive printing
and multi-block printing
Cutting the block to prepare it for printing
An introduction to Japanese papers, how they are made and
their importance in the Ukiyo-e process

Printing the colour separations using watercolour paints and dyes on to Japanese papers.

After completing this course...
You will have some beautiful pieces to take home and you will have a real introduction to the art, form and process of Japanese Ukiyo-e woodcuts. You will also be able to continue to print at home as no press is required. This process may be safely used in schools as part of Higher Expressive Unit as watercolour inks/paints are used to print the images.

Duration This is a two-day course, starting at 10:00 and finishing at 16:30
Dates There are no current scheduled dates for this course, please click here to send us a message indicating your interest in receiving details when they become available
Meals Country farmhouse fare will be provided together with generous supplies of teas and coffee.
Accomodation Accommodation available over the weekend in Trossachs Yurts at West Moss-side.
Disabled facilities

More information
For more information visit  Elspeth's  web entry or contact Elspeth or Kate
How do I book a place? There are no current scheduled dates for this course, please click here to send us a message indicating your interest in receiving details when they become available
What should I bring with me?
Bring along any drawings, photographs, sketchbooks, images you want to work with plus pencils/drawing tools camera and an apron.

Don't forget your camera too!
Are there any other related courses I can attend?
Papermaking workshop! you can make sheets to print on.  Charmian Pollok runs Totally Natural Papermaking.  She covers Japanese paper making and has samples of all kinds of specialist papers and fibres from Korea and Japan.  If you are interested please contact Elspeth or Kate
What have other attendess said about this course?

Excellent workshop I will keep the process going

Great atmosphere and I learnt a lot

(Leith School of Art)