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Course Details - Scottish Birchcraft

All the things you can make from one tree - in a day! Gifts and decorations with a festive flavour.

Title Scottish Birchcraft with Bryce Reynard
Description The Birch tree is very versatile. Weaving with the bark is like working with soft leather, the roots are strong, white, long and slender and the twigs give structure to the objects. The wood is used for construction, furniture and wooden spoon carving - but those are other courses! The Birch tree provided all that was needed for life and work in Northern Scandinavia - baskets, buckets, containers, shoes, mats and so on and so on. Bryce uses many of the designs and techniques in his work and he has a fund of knowledge about the tree and its uses which he will share.
About the tutor
Bryce's has an intimate understanding of the Birch tree.   I am very pleased that he travels down from Inverness to run workshops here at West Moss-side where the material can be harvested.   Birch from the scrub woodland on the edge of Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve.  On the high moss we are actually trying to reduce the number of scrub birch trees so you are welcome to 'pull' the young birch trees to get the long slender roots.  You will be helping to conserve the bog habitat. New for 2016 will see another traditional material from the bog used. This time it is Purple Moor Grass for making Bee skeps.

This bee skep is made from Marram grass but we will be using Purple Moor Grass.

You can find a more comprehensive bio here.
Prerequisite knowledge/skills
No previous skills are required to come on this workshop.
Course format
The day will include information about harvesting your own materials. You will make interesting and useful things mainly using the bark. You will also learn a little about the birch tree and its place in the conservation of Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve.
After completing this course...
As well as having you own pieces to take home, you will you will learn new techniques of weaving and using birch bark, twigs and roots to create fun, interesting and useful things.

Duration This is a one-day course, starting at 10:00 and finishing at 16:30
Dates There are no current scheduled dates for this course, please click here to send us a message indicating your interest in receiving details when they become available
Meals Country farmhouse fare will be provided together with generous supplies of teas and coffee.
Accomodation Why not stay in Stuc a'Chroin, Trossachs Yurts.
Disabled facilities Disabled parking, access and toilet are provided.

More information Bryce or Kate
How do I book a place? There are no current scheduled dates for this course, please click here to send us a message indicating your interest in receiving details when they become available
What should I bring with me? A Stanley knife or similar, secateurs, dressmaker's cutting board or a sheet of plywood or similar to cut on, steel ruler about 60 or 100cm long, short bladed strong knife, thin handled teaspoon, flat file, 20 lever type clothes pegs, pencil, scissors. Gloves and Wellington boots or strong shoes if you would like to go out for a walk.
Are there any other related courses I can attend?
What have other attendess said about this course?

I have had such a lovely day, thank you very much. The home baking and lunch was fantastic, and Bryce was a great tutor with a lot of patience. All I need to do now is get out and cut some birch bark with my penknife.   March 2011

Had a great day. Everybody was really friendly. Great craft ideas December 2009 

Wonderful day. Bryce was so patient - thankfully! Food delicious as ever. December 2009

Thank you for another great day. December 2008