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Course Details - Experimental Mosaics

Great workshops with Jan Kilpatrick of Wild Tiles & Textiles. Jan has run day and weekend courses at West Moss-side using materials and techniques suitable for both indoor and outdoor mosaics.

Title Experimental Mosaics with Jan Kilpatrick
Description To give you a flavour:  This workshop develops a variety of cutting techniques and a wide array of 2D and 3D materials, to create unique pieces of mosaic art suitable for indoor pieces or robust enough for Scotland's winter frosts!  You work on one large, intricate project or try a number of smaller projects, covering the full range of applications.
About the tutor
Jan Kilpatrick
Jan has hosted a variety of fascinating workshops at West Moss-side including Making Mosaics, Experimental Mosaics , Making Papers from Scrap,  Nature Journals and Paper, Picture, Poetry.  She has moved to the north west and so sadly it is really too far for Jan to teach at West Moss-side. But she may come by special invitation in 2008.
Jan links her work with sustainable development education. With her background as a teacher she inspires learning which is fun and expresses the connections with the natural world in wild and suprising ways.  Learning a new craft skill in a group is a great way of getting to know each other and share ideas. 
Recently Jan ran an Away Day here at West Moss-side for staff of Eco-Schools Scotland. It was a wonderful way for them to get to know each better and discover new possibilities of working within a team. (Kate Sankey)

You can find a more comprehensive bio here.
Prerequisite knowledge/skills
You will be one member of a small group, and so will receive as much guidance and support as you need. You do not need to have any experience, though there will be ample opportunity to further develop your  skills, should you have tried mosaic before.
Course format
This week workahop has a flexible format, very much shaped around the requirements and aspirations of the group members. Certainly, the first morning will be spent making a small wall plaque, to allow everyone to become familiar with the materials and basic cutting and construction techniques used in the direct method mosaic. After that, students will discuss their own particular ideas/projects with Jan and she will help you plan a realistic programme for the week. On previous week-long courses, many participants have chosen to make a table top, using the reverse method of mosaic, and so that technique will definitely be explored/demonstrated, and everyone will benefit from observing this process, even if they do not choose to use this method themselves. Other students might wish to make items such as a splachback for a sink or a mirror for a bathroom.
After completing this course...
Whatever you decide to do, you will probably leave with several completed pieces, using more than one method of applying the art of mosaic. This course gives you the skills necessary for doing a range of indoor and outdoor projects, such as mirror frames and splashbacks, garden table tops, bird baths, flower pots, stepping stones....

Duration This is a one-day course, starting at 10:00 and finishing at 16:30
Dates There are no current scheduled dates for this course, please click here to send us a message indicating your interest in receiving details when they become available
Meals Country farmhouse fare will be provided together with generous supplies of teas and coffee.
Disabled facilities Disabled parking, access and toilet are provided.

More information Jan or Kate
How do I book a place? There are no current scheduled dates for this course, please click here to send us a message indicating your interest in receiving details when they become available
What should I bring with me? All materials will be provided, though you are welcome to bring along any crockery, tiles and bits and bobs you would like to use.  Please wear old clothes and shoes and an old jacket/fleece (we may do some of the work outside).
Are there any other related courses I can attend? You can also learn more about indoor and outdoor mosaic techniques by attending one of Jan's weekends which take place in Edinburgh and Crieff.
What have other attendess said about this course?

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the day at [West Moss-side]... I had dabbled with using traditional tiles on a basic level but your 'organic' method was far more interesting and creative. Thanks again for patiently sharing your expertise." Helen, Stirling.